What is mastering and why do you need it?

Mastering is the process of turning a track into something that’s of a quality to be released to the public. This used to be compiling the tracks, preparing them with EQ and cutting them to a lacquer to be made into a vinyl record. Often a different EQ would be needed for cassette and CD versions too. Originally most commercial music was recorded in professional studios, with good quality audio monitors, so they would be pretty close to start with, but some mastering engineers could get creative and change the quality of a track, and the arguments between engineers, producers and mastering engineers could be endless.

These days a lot of music comes out of home studios where the acoustics and monitors may be less than perfecr to say the least and many self producing musicians do not have the experience of the recording process to know how to optimise their tacks for release. This is were we can help, with many years of record and music production, we have the experience. We have a well prepared control room, with controlled acoustics, designed by aan expert who has designed, installed and run studios on both sides of the Atlantic. and we have vintage style mastering equipment, to bring out the best in your track.

Part of our mastering equipment, featuring custom upgraded vintage style valve EQ and FET levelling amplifiers.

Our mastering philosophy, why we do it the way we do.

Once the track, album or soundtrack is made, we believe that generally the producer and/or performer will know what they want to get, so we will discuss what enhancements the track need and then do the least possible to achive that, we don’t try and impose our ideas on the music, unless we. re asked to. Sometimes a musician will ask us to help correct a track, that they feel needs it and we are happy to re-master or even re-mix a track. We are always happy to look at a project, so feel free to contact us.