Drostan MacRaith – Tog A’ Bhratach

Tog A’ Bhratach (in English Raise the Banner) – This first album by Drostan MacRaith, is to say the least, a bit unusual.  It’s possibly the first album in Scottish Gaelic written and recorded in South West England and yet in times long past Celtic would have been the language of the area, in fact there would have been a Bardic tradition across the area.  For MacRaith is what would be called in Scotland a bàrd-baile or local poet and he plays on an ancient instrument a Lyre, beautiful yet long out of fashion.  The design of the one heard here is at least 1200 years old, yet MacRaith brings both ancient words and music to life in his own style.  The album has been produced and engineered by Paul “Doc” Stewart and was recorded in Taunton, Somerset for Musicosis Records. The CD also features photographs by Vivien Stewart.

So Raise the Banner for Gaelic, raise it for the Lyre, raise it for our ancient heritage but mostly raise it for the enjoyment of good music, TOG A’ BHRATACH!

For more information and translations of the Gaelic lyrics of Drostan MacRaith, please click HERE